British Acupuncture Council Conference 2016

Having just spent the weekend milling about with a large number of other inspiring acupuncturists in the heart of Reading I thought it a good moment to kick off a blog with the enlightening information I took away from the event. I had the privilege to listen to a number of great lectures, but my favourite moment was a revision session in the great art of tui na massage with Sarah Pritchard. She had been my lecturer a decade ago at LCTA North London, but I had not seen her since. She has definitely not lost her ability to capture the attention of a large room full of people, get them on their feet and massaging. I also loved hearing Rachel Peckham discussing the importance of ear acupuncture in the treatment of addiction and mental health. Mental health is something our society today is learning to embrace but for so long problems affecting peoples emotional wellbeing were neglected/ignored and often seen as taboo - getting it out in the open is the best thing we can do for each other.

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