Acupuncture & Chicken soup - award winning combination to beat winter colds

It has come to a point in the calendar when I don’t think our household could handle any more bugs being brought back from school. One after another they stream through the house wreaking havoc in their pathway, cancelled school days, missed work, evenings out frequently not attended as viruses and bacteria rule the day! Although spring is around the corner it feels like its never ending.

Maintaining health and well being is key to the answer, echinacea, greens, hand gel & plenty of sleep can all help boost the immune system and protect our bodies from all that shares our environment.

Another crucial and effective remedy which has been used in Chinese medicine for millennia – home made chicken stock. Keep your bones from the roast, throw in a large pan with an onion, carrot, celery stick, and a bay leaf if you have one, bring to the boil and simmer away for as many hours as you can. I do it over night. You are left with delicious thick broth you can use as a base for any soup. To combat cold though, make it a spicy one…

Fry up chilli, garlic, ginger, cumin seeds and turmeric, add to the stock with some noodles, any leftover chicken, a handful of greens and spring onions. A good squeeze of lemon and soy sauce – it will taste like heaven and blow your cold away. I make this weekly through the winter, and although it doesn’t keep everything at bay, it certainly helps.

Acupuncture – often not thought of when one is fighting yet another winter cold, but it can help in many ways. Needling the lung channel can help get rid of the persistent cough that seems to never shift. If sinusitis is a common side effect of having a cold then acupuncture can be used to clear the nasal passages, alleviate the pain and help with the headache. It can also clear a sore throat, boost our immune system, help with energy levels, sleep and depression which is often another side effect of winter viruses.

Each year I vow the next one wont be as bad, but with young children it is very hard to avoid the inevitable. However a few steps to protect ourselves can ease our passage through winter.

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