Are you in pain? Article for the Midsomer Norton Journal

Having run a busy acupuncture clinic for a decade now in various different parts of the country, I am noticing more cases of pain. However, I find that it is not just the pain that I am treating, but all the devastating effects it can have on someone’s life. Pain is caused by many different things, but the overriding effect is fatigue, weariness, depression, and a general sense of physical and emotional malaise.

Acupuncture can be used to help all kinds of pain. The treatment will consider both the cause and effect, easing the symptoms whilst at the same time targeting the root of the problem. Often pain can come without any obvious cause, in this case acupuncture can shift it for good. If the cause of discomfort is an on going medical condition acupuncture can be used for pain management to help reduce the use of painkillers.

Chinese medicine sees pain as an energy blockage within our meridians. The treatment can ease this blockage, increasing the flow of fresh blood and oxygen to the area, and releasing the pain. As acupuncture is an holistic treatment, it will also bring about a deep sense of relaxation and wellness, helping to alleviate the emotional side effects that comes with pain. The treatment is very gentle, and the needles used are as fine as hair, and often cannot be felt.

Clare Torday’s acupuncture practice has returned to Midsomer Norton after the closure of the Positive Living Centre. She is now working at Tranquil Fields in Farrington Gurney Farm Shop. If you would like to discuss a treatment with Clare please call or email on 07843 079 209, or

For more information on Clare’s practice please visit

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